Dramas in life






I had suffered from bullying when I was a child. It had started at elementary school and had continued through my school days, until I graduated from junior high school.
As my parents ran a photography business, they often came to school to take students' pictures. I had been learning Classical Japanese dance from an early age. From these reasons I was considered to be very different or to stand out in the class.
I'm sorry to say this but it is Japanese common-sense that being different from others is unacceptable, you'll be excluded from society or group unless you are the same as everyone else.

Therefore I was very afraid of being different from others, and I'd tried not to be prominent. I was very afraid of getting deeply involved with people. At that time it was natural for me to be away from the family business, the photography. By the time I graduated from junior high school, I'd quit the Japanese dance classes. After finishing college I found a job which was not related to the photography.

Since then 15 years have passed, the circumstances surrounding photography have changed. The Digital cameras have improved. I could finally face the photography itself, not as a family business but the photograph as my own. My first interest was just for taking flowers or landscapes only. But sometime later I started to think that I want to take pictures of people's lives.
It was totally a shock for me to notice a change in my feelings.
In spite of the bitter experience, my desire to be with people is still in my heart. Being bullied myself taught me a lesson that people always have negative side. However it doesn't mean that I don't like people. I never want to despair of people.

The only way to keep faith with people is to believe in the positive side of people. I want to find a big hope in them.
This is the reason why I take pictures of people's lives. I'm sorry to say that I haven't got over my bitter memories, and is still difficult to face them directly, but I think it nice to take their photos even from a little distance, quietly. I want to keep taking pictures of hopes in people which inspires me.